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Top 10 Questions Residents & Landlords  Ask


   1. Should I get renters insurance? The short answer is yes. This form of insurance is relatively cheap and more common than it has ever been.  Many landlords actually make it a requirement. It not only insures your personal belongings, but it also provides you with personal liability coverage during tenancy.
  1. How much notice does a landlord need to provide to move a tenant out of the property? The answer to this question typically varies province to province, but it is generally 30 days notice, given on the first day of the last month, depending on your lease, and the circumstances of the termination of tenancy.  There are other circumstances for termination, such as a violation of terms of the lease; illegal activity; violence; or threats of violence, that can speed up a termination from two weeks, to 24 hours notice.
  1. What is the amount of a standard security deposit? The landlord is within their rights to ask for the amount of one month’s rent to hold as a security deposit, not including potential pet deposits.  
  1. Should I agree to a background and credit check? This depends on if you actually want to rent the house or not.  All landlords or property managers should request these checks to ensure the tenant can pay rent timely and take care of the property. This is typically a non-negotiable part of the application process.
  1. Are the utilities included in the rent? The utilities can be split between the landlord and tenant and many times something can be negotiated, but it is important for the tenant to understand their responsibilities upfront so as not to become delinquent on a bill he/she is expected to pay monthly.
  1. Is there a property manager that services the building or house? As a renter you will want to ask this question to ensure there is someone that can be contacted quickly in the event that there is a fire, flood or other maintenance issue at any time of the day or night.
  1. How much should be charged for a pet deposit? The renter and landlord can typically negotiate whether to include a pet deposit at the start of the lease, or pay a monthly charge in addition to the rent.  The amount can vary substantially. In Alberta it is permissible to request a $500 non refundable pet deposit.
  1. Who is responsible for property maintenance? In some provinces, the tenant may be responsible for basic if the landlord provides equipment.  In other places the landlord or property manager would be required to perform all upkeep.
  2. Should I get a signed check-in list from the incoming tenant? This is a must for the landlord, but it also protects the tenant from being blamed for any damage that they did not cause.  This generally relates to a video, series of photographs or a printed and signed checklist.
  3. Are “House Rules” really necessary for a new renter? For the sake of full transparency, it would be a good idea to provide some general rules as guidance for new tenants.  This would include quiet hours, authorization to change the interior/exterior of the home and the allowable number of parking spaces or cars the tenant can use.  That way, the landlord can document the notification for future reference.

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