Property Maintenance & Repairs 

The RE/MAX Platinum Realty model is based on our experience in taking care of our own investment properties. We know that properties need care and attention to maintain their value. 

We coordinate any and all repairs and maintenance that are required and account for it all on a statement that is delivered to you monthly if you choose.  When something happens that you need to know about we get you involved, but for the most part we handle it so you don’t have to.


First Starting Steps - Before We Rent a Place Out

Before we rent out a new property we will do a 21 step walk-around report, giving you a detailed list of any maintenance repairs that need to get done.

Ongoing Quarterly Inspections

We do an inspection  and we see items that require repair we will arrange for them and will seek your approval to do so. Quarterly inspections are done with a  report that is emailed to our owners.

We have several handymen that we use for any repair and maintenance needs. 

Walk In & Out Reports 

On all our properties we do a full walk out / walk in report be. A property inspection holds tenants accountable for damages they do to the property and disputes on deposits.

Kelly Baker ACP
Kelly Baker ACP
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