Our core values and what they mean to us individually.

We Raise a Higher Standard of Expectation
 We are going to start with our first core value, which is “We Raise a Higher Standard of Expectation.”  We do that every day by setting the bar higher for our customers in terms of  what they expect from us. We improve our education. We delivery the ‘wow’ factor. And we improve our industry by improving the perception of the Realtor brand.
We Show Up to Win
 We show up daily, ready to accomplish our goals and to rise above the rest.
We are Supportive
We encourage and support each other. And we believe in paying it forward.
We Work Hard and Focus
 We outwork our competition. We handle our tasks in a timely manner. We persevere.
We have a Positive Attitude
 We laugh, smile and are compassionate. We know our attitude determines our future.
We Accept Responsibility
 We do not place blame on anyone else. We make no excuses.
 We are genuine and honest. 
Kelly Baker ACP
Kelly Baker ACP
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