Finding the Best Listing REALTOR.
  1. Do they provide excellent service to all clientele? Check out Rank my agent; Rate my agent; yelp; yellowpages. You want to see if they go above and beyond in customer service, not just that they were a good agent. The key words that you are looking for is "customer service".
  2. Do they have good relations with other REALTORS in different markets? Check out LinkedIn, and see who they are associated with. Half of their connections should be REALTORS from other areas.
  3. Do they have an intimate knowledge of the present market conditions? Without looking it up, do they know how many properties were sold last month? How many did they sell, not just list and another agent sold?. If the agent knows the stats of the previous month, that is a good indication that they are an aggressive agent.
  4. What is their attitude toward other local agents? If you find them "bad mouthing" other agents, that is almost a guarantee that they have been in the business a long time, and they are on a downward trend, of not working well with other agents.
  5. Are they selling houses or just listing homes, in the hopes that other agents will sell their listings?
  6. What "brand" are they associated with? The number one real estate brand in the world is RE/MAX. More people visit a RE/MAX website than any other real estate brand. (RE/MAX actually translates the listings into over 100 different countries world wide).
  7. How much do they spend per month on effective advertising? In large markets, the top agents in the industry spend upwards of $25,000/month! In smaller markets the amount is significantly less but still in the thousands.
Kelly Baker ACP
Kelly Baker ACP
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