The next step is to create a professional marketing packet that shines the best light on your property. Rather than giving the buyers information piece by piece, it makes the buyer’s purchase decision much easier by giving them all the information at once. Sometimes, the buyers need to be shown why your building is worth this much, and the marketing packet is the tool that sells your building to potential buyers.

Overview – This is the first section a prospective party will see, so be sure that it includes a great photo and some high level deal points such as cap rate, price, and the property address. 

Highlights –  a section that quickly conveys the most salient points of the offering at a high level. More specific information can be addressed deeper in the offering package or during face-to-face meeting. If the prospective client reads nothing else, this should give them enough information to have a good sense for the potential deal.

Maps & Photos –. Maps are an excellent opportunity to show the value your add. Use overlays to distinguish key demos in areas surrounding the property or illustrate traffic flow patterns to give a sense for potential drive by business for the location.  A few professionally taken photos will build interest, but hopefully stimulate a desire for a site visit as well.

Financials – The financials section should also include a proforma that projects income and cash flow. A brief accompanying narrative telling how you came to your numbers will instill the prospect with confidence in your approach. 

Market data –  As always, it's location that matters. If an area is developing, show that trend and tell that story. Also include employment trends, demographics, an economic base analysis, major employers in the area, population growth figures, as well as some data on local rent and vacancy trends.

These are just the essentials for a great commercial real estate marketing package. It would not be unusual to vary these elements and include others depending on what you have for sale.

Kelly Baker ACP
Kelly Baker ACP
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