Most real estate brokerages assume that the sellers want all cash at closing.
 However, receiving all cash at closing may or may not be in your best interests. 
At RE/MAX Platinum Realty, I will make the first step in selling a building is to determine your goals for selling it. We ask questions such as: what are you trying to 
accomplish by selling the building? What are you going to do with the proceeds from the sale? Are you purchasing another building, or are you planning on putting the cash in the bank? Are you more interested in getting a lump sum of cash at closing or 
receiving monthly income without the hassles of property management? How much cash do you really need? Have you taken into consideration the capital gains implications for getting a lump sum of cash at closing? What about your health benefits?
 How much do you owe on the property? Is it a bank loan or a private note? What are the terms? Is there a due on sale clause? All of these questions are necessary to structure a customized transaction that will fit your needs. By doing so, our agents help you obtain greater negotiating power, and many times end up achieving a higher sales price as a result.

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Kelly Baker ACP
Kelly Baker ACP
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